Clean Simple
Founders: Michael Brown, Matt Cooper
Based in: Halifax NS

Clean Simple’s software enables owners of commercial cleaning companies to manage their cleaners without being onsite. It allows companies to be proactive in identifying issues before they become problems, helping them better retain their clients.

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Founders: Joe Teo, Sahand Seifi
Based in: St. John’s NL

HeyOrca! streamlines the workflow for marketing agencies and their clients, increasing billable hours and strengthening agency–client relationships by allowing clients to engage more deeply and effectively with the social storytelling process.

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Founders: Topher Kingsley-Williams, Dan Gillis, Denis Daigle
Based in: Moncton NB

Ongozah allows organizations to better plan and organize their projects, making it easier for members of the community to learn about these projects, spread the word and get involved. It also helps these organizations to record and track accomplishments and contributions.

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Founders: Charlotte Rydlund, Isak Rydlund
Based in: Halifax NS

PACTA is a cloud-based solution that helps companies to better manage and procure contracts. With a more efficient process, companies can mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and save up to 9% of their bottom line. With labour-intensive, manual processes automated, contract managers and procurement teams are able to save up to 50% of their time, and focus instead on delivering business results.

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Founders: Keelen Gagnon, Asif Hasan
Based in: Fredericton NB

SimpTek Technologies is helping electric utility companies better engage and understand their customers and their energy needs. SimpTek provides the necessary information to make this transition as easily and efficiently as possible.

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Founder: Brent MacDonald
Based in: Saint John NB

SITEFLO makes performance improvement software for the packaging sector. Manufacturers get critical intelligence on factory issues on a real-time customizable dashboard, which they can use to identify and implement performance improvement projects, monitor their machine performance and improve response times to events that can lead to factory downtime.

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