2017 fall cohort THANK YOUs.

The 2017 fall cohort has wrapped!

Although we delayed our Regional Pints & Pitches event until the New Year (#snowstorms,  #getyourNEWtickets), we want to reflect on an awesome 12-weeks of Launch and Build.

Two weeks ago we held Local Demo Days in Fredericton, Halifax, and St. John’s. We’re proud to welcome 22 new companies to the Propel Alumni ranks:


Thank you.

Propel’s programs are a collaboration of the entire community. From fireside chats, to mentoring, to some late night phone calls. So many people come together to support the founders during Launch and Build.

Knowing full well we will probably miss at least 1 or 2 names, we want to give a shout out to all those who contributed to the 2017 Fall cohort.

**Please let us know if we missed your name so we can add you to the list of awesome people.**

THANK YOU to the mentors, alumni, advisors, and individuals in the startup ecosystem who gave their time and brain power to build a strong startup community in Atlantic Canada:

Al Sturgeon, BrewHopper
Amanda Betts, eChart Healthcare
Anna Smith, Common Ground
Andrew Ray, Innovacorp
Adam King, Cox and Palmer
Angelo Casanas, Genesis Centre
Barry Bisson
Ben McDade, Innovacorp
Bill Donovan, Innovate NL
Brian Critch, BDO
Brian Jeffcock, Palais
Bryinne McCoy, McInnes Cooper
Callum Mayer, Kinduct
Carl Ozkaynak, General Electric
Cathy Simpson, NBIF Chair
Chelsea Buggie, Common Ground
Chris Gardner, Sequence Bio
Chris Kolmatycki, FundMetric
Chris Moyer, Pelorus Venture Capital
Chris VanHorn, Airbly
Chuck Steeves, Priority Management
Colin White, Manifold
Colin Wrynn, Labarge Weinstein
Craig Mulcahy, BDO
Daan Goossens, Empowered Homes
Dakota Lutes, Enterprise Saint John
Dan Gilles
Dana Parsons, Genesis Centre
Dave Gallant, Venn Innovation
Doug Keefe, StartupZone
Ed Janes, TCII - Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
Elyse Summers, MCE
Gary Underhill, NRC
Gavin Uhma, Sidestory
Gerry Pond, Mariner Partners
Griff Roberts, Cox & Palmer
Hasan Hai, HeyOrca!
Hugh Hicks, ACOA
Jacob Pitcher, HeyOrca!
James O’Halloran, Mighty Pebble Games
Jeff White, Mariner Partners
Joe McKenna, Killick Capital
Joe Teo, HeyOrca!
John Phillips, Klister Capital
Kareem El'hawari, IRAP
Kate Johnson, Alongside
Katelyn Bourgoin
Larry Shaw, Planet Hatch
Liam Flanagan, Genesis Centre
Lindsey Wareham, Cox & Palmer
Lori Haines, BDO
Mark Dobbin, Killick Capital
Mark Hobbs, FundMetric
Mark Kennedy, Celtx
Martin Braganza, ACOA
Matt Cooper, Swept
Matt Stenback, Sequence Bio
Matthew Peyton, Cox & Palmer
Matthew Pickup, TokenClub
Michael Brown, Swept
Mike Mazzerole, Ignite Fredericton
Natasha O'Brien, WellTrack
Neil Bussey, HeyOrca!
Nestor Gomez, McCain
Nicole Leblanc, BDC Capital
Nithum Thain, Google
Norm Couturier, 10Speak Innovation
Oliver Baltzer, AnalyzeRe
Pablo Asiron, MASITEK Instruments
Patrick Begin, HeyOrca!
Paul Lypaczewski, Island Capital Partners
Peter Moreira, Entrevestor
Ray Wadman, NRC
Rob Barbara, Build Ventures
Rob Cowan, McInnes Cooper
Robb Baird, McInnes Cooper
Ryan Mercer, HeyOrca!
Sahand Seifi, HeyOrca!
Sophie Harrington, Sequence Bio
Tapiwa Mapani, HeyOrca!
Tasha Roberts, Topiary
Thomas Rankin, Dash Hudson
Tim Speed, Manifold
Tony Roche, ACOA
Topher Kingsley-Williams, Porpoise
Trent Skanes, McInnes Cooper
Vanessa MacLean, Planet Hatch
VK Kelly
Wendy Snow, McInnes Cooper
Wes Cooper, HeyOrca!
Yan Simard, Kognitiv Spark
Yves Boudreau, Alongside

Thank you to our awesome speakers:

Brian Jeffcock, Palais
David Crow, TheNextPhase
David Dufresne, Panache Ventures
Dom Coryell, GimmeGrowth
Frank Erschen
Greg Poirier, CloudKettle
John Beresford, The Revenue U
Jon McGinley, CloudKettle
Kate Johnson, Alongside
Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady
Pauly Ting
Rachel Holmes
Toon Nagtegaal, TheNextPhase
Wendy Vrooman, Sandler Sales

If you would like to be a mentor or if you have a speaker suggestion for our next cohort, please let us know here

That's it for 2017!

We hope to see everyone at Pints & Pitches on January 23, 2018 in Fredericton. Join us then to meet the top startups from the Fall Cohort.

Register here.