Fall 2015 Round-up

Time to give you an update on what we’ve been doing. We’ve got some great stuff to tell you about, but first and foremost we want to thank everyone who came out and joined us at Demo Day. As those of you who were able to attend will know, the energy in the room was amazing. We are incredibly proud of the community that spans across Atlantic Canada, and happy that we get to be a part of it. Together we’re making something different happen in Atlantic Canada.

Now let’s get you up to speed.

Introducing Propel 2.0 Accelerator:  Pan-Atlantic

On June 1, 2015, Propel ICT kicked off the Propel 2.0 accelerator program.  

Representing all four Atlantic provinces, 33 companies were welcomed into the Propel fold. A big shout out to our Community Partners in four different cities across Atlantic Canada who helped us host these companies and helped us run the programs.

On September 22, Propel ICT presented the results of 2.0 at Propel Demo Day 2015 - this year held at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton.

A special thanks to all of our mentors, partners, sponsors, speakers and companies that help promote a successful environment for our startups.  Here is the 2015 Demo Day Program:

PropelICT Demo Day 2015 Program

Propel Demo Day Program

Demo Day Live and by the Numbers

If you weren’t able to make it to Demo Day, you can still watch the pitches thanks to Startup Kitchen, who livestreamed the whole event and have shared it with us here.

Social Media went wild:  #PropelDemoDay trended #1 on Twitter in Canada over Volkswagen and the Pope. There were livestreaming parties across the globe, with people watching in eight countries and seven provinces.

With the 250 people in attendance in Moncton, and 1,455 viewers tuning into the livestream, we shared our collective stories, energy and vision with over 2000 people that night.

PropelDemoDay image

What were our speakers, founders, presenters and sponsors saying about Demo Day:

Sean Wise

Dr. Sean Wise | Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Ryerson University:  Over the last 10 years I have seen more than 10,000 startup pitches, from Demo Days and Dragons' Den, I have never seen such a high hit-to-miss ratio.  Propel's Demo Day startups really nailed it. Everyday I hear 8-10 startup pitches.  But rarely do I want to invest in so many of them.  Propel ICT has shown the true power of community, through cooperation and community building, this accelerator has united all of Atlantic Canada.


Gerry PondGerry Pond |  Founder of Propel ICT, East Valley Ventures:  This year's Demo Day presenting companies when taken as a total group were the best group of startups since Propel's inception, in my view. Put another way they were all outstanding. This validates that critical mass can be achieved with a pan-Atlantic model.


Mike BrownMike Brown |  CEO Clean Simple, A newly minted Propel Alumni & Presented on Demo Day:  Propel ICT challenged us to think bigger and confidently put those thoughts into action. We arrived as a cleaning company with a competitive advantage through the software we developed and left as an SaaS company. We are now selling our competitive advantage to our former competitors across North America (soon to be global). This program was a game-changer and Clean Simple is committing to an annual donation of $5,000 each year until an exit... then there will be a larger donation.


Colin WrynnColin Wrynn |  Partner with LaBarge Weinstein:  Being a sponsor of Propel ICT we've seen the output of companies over the past three years. This year's Demo Day was another great success and a reminder of the thriving tech scene in Atlantic Canada. We are glad to be involved in the Atlantic region and to support early stage startups.

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Maybe we’ll see you up on the Demo Day stage next year.