Introducing Propel 2.0

Big things are happening at Propel ICT.

We’re celebrating our tenth year as Atlantic Canada’s most disruptive venture catalyst with the launch of what we’re calling Propel 2.0. Key to that enhanced vision is a formalized relationship with two new community partners—Volta Labs in Halifax, and Planet Hatch in Fredericton.

Our vision has always been for one strong accelerator program for the region. By collaborating formally with these community partners, we will extend our reach without losing our focus.

Propel ICT has achieved measurable success, helping 31 companies launch and grow in the last three years. With our next cohort, we are on track to hit our ambitious target of launching 36 companies in three years.

As the startup community grows and matures in Atlantic Canada, it is important that Propel ICT keep pace. We need to nurture our ecosystem and ensure that all partners are working together collaboratively and with common purpose.

That’s why we are so excited about these new partnerships with Volta Labs and Planet Hatch. They have been important players in the startup ecosystem in their communities. Now, as our community partners, we formalize that relationship to leverage their expertise and passion to help early stage startups launch and succeed. That includes things like developing a first product release, validating learning, finding those all important early adopters and building the team. We call this the “Start Phase” program.

And while Propel ICT is a regional agency, we know that having locations in Halifax and Fredericton will make it easier for early stage startups to get rolling. It is important to note that this is a beginning, we also look forward to adding more community partners in communities throughout Atlantic Canada.

Volta Labs in Halifax has mentorship and community at the heart of what they do. Their Spring Garden Road offices include a networking area, as well as 13 semi-private startup work spaces. They also host Founders’ meet-ups and Demo Camps to help build strong ties in their startup community and encourage grassroots mentorship along with good old fashioned brainstorming.

Planet Hatch in Fredericton has over 35 office spaces, as well as an ongoing circuit of monthly events for the social entrepreneur. Their three-month accelerator program connects participants with mentors and workshops that can lend critical insight, and which sometimes even lead to key directional changes. Planet Hatch knows anything’s possible, and they’re out to prove it.

So Volta and Planet Hatch will work as accelerators for very early stage companies. Those companies that are further along in their journey will be part of the Propel ICT Launch 36 accelerator program. Launch 36 programming focuses on customer acquisition, honing the sales model, building out the team, and identifying what’s needed to scale up the business. We call this the “Build Phase” program.

Add it up, and we have an even stronger accelerator model for Atlantic Canada.

Ten years ago, Propel ICT began in a coffee shop in Saint John. It grew to include all of New Brunswick, then all of the Maritimes, and, this year, to include Newfoundland and Labrador. By adding strong community partners like Volta and Planet Hatch, we continue to evolve to support the growing startup community on the East Coast.

Like any startup, Propel ICT never stands still. We need to constantly evolve to meet the needs of the market. We listen to our customers – those in the startup community – and adjust our offering to meet their needs.

This is another major step forward for Propel ICT. We look forward to what happens next.

Application deadline for Cohort 5 is September the 8th, follow the link the apply.