Office Hours with East Valley Ventures (Jeff White)



Jeff White, Co-founder and COO of East Valley Ventures will be holding office hours on Monday February 24th from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm at the PropelICT Launch36 workspace In Moncton. 

Jeff is passionate about innovation and the commercialization of technologies with great Canadian teams. Jeff has worked with and held CFO roles with companies such as Deloitte, IMagicTV, Q1 Labs, and Genesys Laboratories Canada. He was the Chief Financial Officer for Radian6, and executed its sale to in May 2012.Jeff brings with him more than 20 years of successfully leading ICT companies through Canadian and US venture capital financings, Cross-border IPO’s and international M&A activities.

Jeff’s senior financial leadership has helped companies from angel stage financings through to profitability and international expansion. He has taken a company public on the NASDAQ and TSX, and sold a publicly traded company to international buyers.As the COO of East Valley Ventures, Jeff focuses on the entrepreneur to help create a cohesive extraordinary team; assist with idea iteration (ideation) and finally on capitalizing their company.  

If you wish to meet with Jeff, please contact Trevor to request a time slot by Feb 17th.  Sessions are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

About Launch36 Office Hours

Launch36 Office Hours are scheduled meetings between Startup Entrepreneurs and Industry Veterans / Experienced Entrepreneurs to ask questions about problem(s) they face running their startup or business at no charge to the entrepreneur. The sessions will include elaborate questioning (asking the tough questions), brainstorming and even a bit of Whiteboarding, which will hopefully help the entrepreneur find direction. 

Each session takes place in Moncton, NB at the Launch36 collaboration workspace and is limited to a few startups per day (Each given a 30 - 45 mins Slot).   

About East Valley Ventures

East Valley Ventures are a community of innovative entrepreneurs helping passionate Atlantic Canadian founders launch meaningful and enduring technology companies.  They believe in investing in people. We believe in the synergy of a collective and what the power of a small group of the right people can accomplish.  EVV understands the path to success is going to include pain and adversity. They are a natural part of the growth process.  They offer inspired mentorship, candid and sincere advice along with entrepreneurial financing. With this clear vision and balance, we invariably take you to higher levels.