Propel ICT Partner Introductions—Venn Innovation in Moncton

Venn Propel ICT works in cooperation with a great network of partner organizations across Atlantic Canada. Through their on-the-ground support, we’re able to deliver our high-impact accelerator program to early and later-stage entrepreneurs throughout the entire region. Our success and the successes of our alumni owe a lot to these partners, along with our volunteers and our expert coaches. Together, we’re helping to build a thriving new economy in Atlantic Canada.

Located on Main Street in Moncton, New Brunswick, Venn Innovation is one of these great partner organizations. This year Venn will be hosting our Build program, an accelerator for later-stage startups.

Founded in 2010, Venn was started by a group of tech economy entrepreneurs and stakeholders who knew that the best way to support their goal of innovation-based economic development was to create a framework that would support this community. Venn does this through facilitating meaningful collaborations, strategic partnerships, and encouraging cooperation between business, the academic and research sector, and government.

Doug Robertson is the President and CEO of Venn Innovation. He describes Venn’s relationship with Propel as the kind of coordinated effort across the ecosystem that is vital in a smaller region. He’s excited by the benefits that a cohesive effort with partners such as Propel and Planet Hatch can offer to the startup community.

"It's great to have the Propel ICT accelerator coming into the center. There are benefits for the young entrepreneurs in our Garage program who are still in the ideation stage; it creates connectivity between Garage participants and entrepreneurs who are further along the startup journey and participating in the Build program. It all helps strengthen the pipeline and raises the calibre and quality of young startups in our region," says Robertson.

Venn also hosts a broad range of programming, addressing various common needs of early and later stage startups. Their Vennture Growth Programs help businesses put processes in place that support smart company growth. They also offer a program in Market Intelligence that connects entrepreneurs with game-changing information relating to their industry, their company’s competitors, pricing, potential investors and more.

The VennCentre, the home of Venn, offers an event space as well as large and small boardrooms equipped with Smart Boards and conference call capabilities that can be rented by members as well as the community at large. It is at this location that Venn’s Learning eVennts are held. The Learning eVennts are a great way for entrepreneurs to augment their skills through sessions and seminars on key topics in the industry,.

We’re proud to be working with a great partner like Venn. Together, we’re bringing top-quality programming to Atlantic Canada’s later-stage startups, and building our region’s future.