Propel ICT Welcomes Ying Tam As Entrepreneur In Residence

At GITR boardroom jpg small Ying Tam understands the challenges involved in getting a startup off the ground.

With experience as an early-stage entrepreneur, the company leader knows how important mentorship can be.

“I am an entrepreneur, I have experienced the issues of building startups and growing companies, I understand both the pain and the joy,” he says.

The President of Mindful Scientific and Propel ICT’s first Entrepreneur in Residence has over 20 years of startup industry experience, having guided a variety of companies through the growth arc that moves from initial concept to business reality.

When the inventors of Mindful Scientific’s flagship technology, the Halifax Consciousness Scanner, needed someone who could complement their innovative skill with some business acumen and startup savvy, Ying Tam’s experience of working with other healthcare businesses such as i-HRx (acquired by Healthconnex) and his commitment to helping that industry bring cutting-edge solutions to the market made him a natural choice.

Ying joins Propel with an already-strong track record of mentorship and community involvement among East Coast entrepreneurs, having shared his insights as a student teams’ mentor at Dalhousie University and with startups at Entrepreneurs 3.0, formerly Entrepreneur’s Forum, in Halifax.

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve been mentoring around the startup community for a long time, and I have experiences that will hopefully benefit the entrepreneurs going through Propel’s accelerator programs.”

Ying also sits on the boards of Ogden Pond Technology Group, as well as BioNova.

As company president for Mindful Scientific, Ying is leading an award-winning team of experts who are developing diagnostic and management solutions for patients with a concussion, traumatic brain injury, or other forms of abnormal consciousness.

“I think healthcare is one of the big challenges that we have – whether it’s to improve patient outcomes, or to control costs, I’m always looking for opportunities where I can participate in solving healthcare problems.”

Ying’s role sees him look after the overall business and financing strategies, as well as overseeing the execution of the company’s operational plan.

For those he’s mentoring in the startup industry, Ying’s own career stands as an example of how important it is to build and nurture networks.

It was his network of colleagues at Dalhousie University who helped Ying connect with Gary Dinn, Propel’s CEO, when the organization began looking to appoint its first Entrepreneur in Residence.

Ying says the opportunity at Propel “dovetails nicely” with running Mindful Scientific.

Though he will have an office in Halifax’s Volta Labs startup house, between his mentorship role with Propel and his leadership of Mindful Scientific, Ying spends most of his time on the go.

“The startup person has to have their office with them at all times,” he says. “Entrepreneurs have to be flexible and be ‘out there’ all the time.”

As Propel ICT enters its second iteration, we’re excited to be welcoming a top leader and generous mentor like Ying Tam to the team. Through this new collaboration, Atlantic Canada’s startups can launch smarter, and build something stronger.