Propel Partner Introductions—Meet StartupNL


Propel ICT is lucky to be working with some great partner organizations that are helping us bring our high-impact accelerator program to early and later-stage entrepreneurs around Atlantic Canada. Working together with these organizations, our volunteers and our expert coaches, we’re developing a thriving new economy in Atlantic Canada. Seventy-five launched companies later, we’re pretty proud, but nowhere near done. 

One of these awesome partner organizations is StartupNL. They’re pulling together the founders, innovators, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from across Newfoundland’s vibrant startup scene and providing them with a framework where they can meet regularly, and exchange information and ideas that will benefit the growth of their community as a whole. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced startup entrepreneur with acquisitions and a few companies under your belt, or if you’re considering taking the plunge for the first time and joining the startup community – StartupNL has a place for you in their network of like-minded innovators. 

Through registering on their meetup page, members can sign up for events like “Pitches and Pitchers” – a sort of open mic night for business. Those who sign up will get a couple of minutes on stage where they’ll pitch their business idea to a panel of mentors and other attendees, with a three-minute Q&A afterwards. It’s a great chance to network and get feedback from people with a range of experience in an easy-going environment. 

StartupNL also runs an “Open Coffee” event once a month, and supports a number of targeted Partner Events, such as “Introduction to Entrepreneurship.” Leveraging the strength of their shared experience and knowledge, they’re building stronger businesses and an internationally competitive community of innovators. 

StartupNL cofounder Roger Power describes the partnership with Propel ICT as being complementary to StartupNL's Startup House initiative, and its ongoing community activities.

“A strength of the Propel program is its proven process that transforms participating ventures into high-potential enterprises.  As well, the mentor network that can access experts and supporters in a multitude of sectors in key, high-tech startup regions is important in providing these company founders with key advice,” says Power.

Here at Propel ICT we’re huge supporters of the steps StartupNL is taking to bring Newfoundland’s startup community together. Through this partnership, and our work with the Genesis Centre and Common Ground, Propel ICT is helping bring Newfoundland startups to the international market.