Propel Partner Introductions—Meet Volta Labs from Halifax

Propel ICT is fortunate to have a great network of partner organizations that help us bring our high-impact accelerator program to early and later-stage entrepreneurs around Atlantic Canada. Together with these partners, our volunteers and our expert coaches, we’re developing a thriving new economy in Atlantic Canada. And we’ve got proof: over the last 10 years we’ve launched 75 companies. 

Volta Labs in Halifax, Nova Scotia is one of these great partner organizations. They opened their doors in May of 2013 with “founders first” as the cornerstone of their philosophy and since then they’ve become an anchor in Atlantic Canada’s startup scene. Offering their companies a great space to work just across from Halifax’s new library on Spring Garden Road, as well as invaluable opportunities for mentorship, Volta makes good on their commitment to provide a framework for community in the Halifax startup scene. 

Venture capitalists Rob Barbara and Patrick Keefe know a good thing when they see it. When they were searching for an office for Build Ventures, our region’s dedicated fund for advancing tech startups, they chose to collocate with Volta.

Developing sustainable companies is one of Volta’s primary goals—at the heart of their mission since Day 1. As part of that effort, the Volta team make sure that their companies have the opportunity to attend in-house lectures and lunch and learn sessions that can give them the inside track, and keep them connected to one of the most crucial resources out there, experience. 

In addition to this, companies that make successful applications for an office space in Volta enjoy free Internet, as well as pro bono access to both legal and accounting services—a substantial plus when you’re trying to lay a solid business foundation.

In just a few years, Volta has already had a succession of tenants who’ve gone on to become a who’s who of the East Coast startup scene: IntroHive, Analyze Re, and FundMetric are all Volta alumni. Current tenants include skills’ swapping site for women Vendeve, Icelandic-Canadian vacation rentals site Bungalo, and Instagram-based shopping platform Dash Hudson.

Here at Propel, we’re proud to be working with a great startup house like Volta. Through sharing their facilities and opening up their community to our participants, they’re helping us to give founders an invaluable edge, and together we’re making stronger startups.