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Build is our program for companies with some initial traction who need our help to grow. The program will develop the entrepreneurial skills required to grow the company with a strong emphasis on sales and marketing internationally. This program is delivered across multiple locations throughout Atlantic Canada, overnight travel may be required.

Sessions are held bi-weekly for two full-day sessions. The program duration is 12 weeks, and the cost of the program is $5,000. You should note that this cost is only payable at the end of the program and then only if your startup succeeds in raising outside funding.


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Program Schedule (Subject to changes)

The Propel ICT Build program provides a rigorous, comprehensive company-building curriculum to guide you through honing a repeatable model for customer acquisition, strengthening the startup team, and putting in place a framework for scale across people, process,  systems and more. Through bi-weekly training and feedback sessions led by top startup mentors, office hours with local Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, group meetings with fellow founders, and challenging company-building assignments, participants in the program make several months of progress in just 12 weeks.

Session 1:  Startup Diagnostic

When pushing your business or business idea to the next level, there comes this moment where your vision has to be clear and the path towards your goal well laid out.  The clarity of vision and direction towards your goals is essential for successfully turning a good idea into a good business and to convince and engage others to become part of your journey: investors, financiers, colleagues, and supporters.

In this session we will examine what makes an idea a good idea. In the end, is the return on your investment in line with the risks you take?  Upon completion you should have a clear set of deliverables to execute for the next 12 months, a compelling business case and a clear path towards achieving it.


Session 2:  People, Process and Leadership

Day one you will build upon your plan from Session 1 and engage with your leadership team in thinking about the long, medium, and short-term strategic planning for improving your performance. Using a Balanced Scorecard Collaborative which provides founders with a cause-and-effect flow for decision-making at the strategic level, this session will help you clarify:

  • Process: What are the core process areas that need daily, weekly, and monthly attention?

  • People: What competencies do we have, which competencies do we lack, what’s our plan to address them?

  • Leadership: What is the Calendar of Commitments? Who meets when and what is decided?

After day one, you will have the following:

● Clarity over how the various parts of the organization need to look to meet the founders’ goals set in Session 1.

● Metrics that will let the your team know whether or not your objectives are being met.

● Specific actions aimed at moving those metrics toward their targets.

Day two will focus on building your board of directors.  Board 101 is designed to support your through the steps to design, prepare and hold a first board meeting.  


Session 3:  Amplifying Growth

Propel ICT is teaming up with to gain insight on how to attract and activate more leads, how to build a growth team and how retain and nurture more customers. Above all, you will have exposure to a mentor’s expertise to solve your challenges and will leave with a plan of what you need to grow your business.   


Session 4:  Show, don’t tell

A product demo is an unbeatable opportunity to show the best of your product, in a concrete and visual—sometimes multi-sensory—fashion. In this session your team will learn how to amplify the impact of your next sales meeting, conference keynote, investor pitch and technical demo. Your product demo should leave your audience with a great impression and inspired for action.

You will learn:

  • What is a product demo, types of product demos

  • The structure of an effective product demo

  • Preparation for a product demo: slides, rehearsal, plan for Q&A

  • How to avoid common problems

  • Dissection of famous product demos


Session 5:  Sales Management and Operations

So you’ve got leads and found your sales team, now what?

Learn how you can build and manage your sales team towards global success. In this session you will learn sales management best practices and methodologies to help your company scale up an effective sales team.


Session 6:  Pitch, Please!

Learn the most common Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching from one of the world’s most experienced pitch coaches who has worked with tons of entrepreneurs through 500 Startups andother world class accelerators.

In this session you will learn:

  • Advanced Storytelling: Binary Futures and VC Pitching Musts

  • How to handle objections;

  • Proper delivery and presence techniques.

On day two each company gets one on one time to work on their pitch strategy.


Session 7:  Building and Growing your A-Team

Now that your company's growing, so will your team.

Learn how to make the right hires and build a strong, purposeful culture that strengthens your company.


Propel ICT challenged us to think bigger and confidently put those thoughts into action. We arrived as a cleaning company with a competitive advantage through the software we developed and left as an SaaS company. We are now selling our competitive advantage to our former competitors across North America (soon to be global). This program was a game-changer and Clean Simple is committing to an annual donation of $5,000 each year until an exit… then there will be a larger donation. (Sept 2015)
— Mike Brown | CEO Clean Simple | Build Program Alumni