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Kelly Galloway


Kelly Galloway, P.Eng., is a Civil Engineer with over 27 years experience, 22 years with her own consulting firm, Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd. (ETC). Kelly is the recipient of multiple awards at the provincial and national level for excellence in engineering and sustainable design. She has a reputation as an innovator, who does not hesitate to depart from traditional engineering approaches when there is a better solution. In recent years, Kelly identified several technology gaps in the onsite wastewater industry which were in need of a solution.

Through her new company, Dynamic Monitors, she has embarked on a mission to design and develop specialized electronic monitoring devices to make on-site sewage systems more effective, affordable and easier to maintain. Dynamic Monitors' specialized product line for the decentralized wastewater industry includes:, the IVM6000 Intelligent Valve Monitor, and Constant Head Permeameter soil testing kits.

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SepticSitter is an Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring and early-warning system for onsite sewage systems. We identify sep



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