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Launch is our program for early stage companies that are pre-revenue; with little to no traction. We will guide entrepreneurs through the early stages of validating, developing and launching a startup. This program is delivered onsite at one of our community partners: St. John’s NL,  Fredericton NB, Halifax NS, Sydney NS, Charlottetown PE.  

There is a maximum of 9 spots per cohort. Each Launch program is delivered over a 12-week period that includes in-session workshops, mentorship, business model canvas, updates and presentations, personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, Q&A fireside, panel speakers and webinars. Attendance is mandatory.


You should apply to this program if your startup is looking for mentorship around:

  • Developing a profitable business model
  • Validating customer problem and solution assumptions
  • Creating a customer validation strategy
  • Defining and building a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Building compelling offers using demos and rapid prototyping
  • Communicating progress to advisors and investors

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Tentative Launch Program Schedule (Subject to Change):

Week 7 - Sales Training / Execute 

Week 8 - Building your Team 

Week 9 - Pitching your Startup 

Week 10 - Sales Process Management 

Week 11 - Everything you wanted to know about Venture Capital 

Week 12 - Pitch Prep 

Local Demo Day

Week 0 - Pre-Program Orientation 

Week 1 - Setting your North Star and Refresher on Lean Canvas 

Week 2 - Customer Validation and Building an MVP 

Week 3 - Customer Discovery 

Week 4 - Bootstrapping your Startup, Metrics and Revenue 

Week 5 - Marketing Bootcamp 

Week 6 - Mid-program check point 



Application Process:

Once applications are open, we urge you to get yours in as soon as possible. This allows the Propel Team and Selection Committee a preliminary review. 

If you are chosen, you will be invited to attend our Mentor Mashup event. Afterwards, the final cohort selection will be made.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Start your application today!

Being a sponsor of Propel ICT we’ve seen the output of companies over the past three years. This year’s Demo Day was another great success and a reminder of the thriving tech scene in Atlantic Canada. We are glad to be involved in the Atlantic region and to support early stage startups. (Sept 2015)
— Colin Wrynn | Partner with LaBarge Weinstein: