Featured on #StartupEast

Here are the Propel companies featured on #startupeast, a show celebrating entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada


Hip Turf

#StartupEast talks to Hip Turf, a Propel company that is evolving traditional media for the internet by providing a hyper local engagement through it's interactive media channel. 


#StartupEast interviews Kelly Lawson of ELLA, a Propel company that is connecting North American women via their closets; to buy, sell and exchange pre-owned fashion.

Music Ed Zone

#StartupEast speaks with Music Ed Zone, a startup based out of Newfoundland. This company provides an all in one curriculum solution for music educators

Vish Salon Tech

#StartupEast interviews Vish Salon Tech whose mission is to enable hair salons and stylists by integrating smart technologies seamlessly into the salon environment


#StartupEast talks to Ongozah, an online service based out of New Brunswick that connects charities and corporations



#StartupEast features MyConnex, a company that helps you find service providers via people you know and trust.



#StartupEast hears from Matt Sullivan of BYOB, a company that produces a standalone kiosk that allows you to print cocktail recipes at liquor stores. 


#StartupEast interviews the co-founder of B-Line, a public engagement tool used for transportation. 

Elevate Atlantic

#StartupEast features Elevate Atlantic, a Halifax startup that enables individuals to connect and find household service providers when needed most. 


#StartupEast speaks with Athlyst, an open platform for managing athletic talent. Athlyst is run by 3 PhD students from Dalhousie University.


We talk to the founder of Newfoundland based startup HeyOrca. They make content planning with stakeholders seamless #startupeast