BenchBoss is an amateur basketball platform that provides coaches with the ability to track live-game stats and effortlessly share the information with players immediately after a game, to their mobile phone.

In addition to box score statistics, players also receive shot chart breakdowns and cutting edge advanced analytics. Each player gets their own profile, where their stats get stored all season long. Track your performances, improve your skill set, and get recruited.

Coaches will love our easy to use stats interface. Game plays are inputted on a tablet in one to three touches, which allows every stat to be recorded and stored in the cloud. Players can access their stats through our app at their convenience, which will allow them to analysis their own performances.

Our GAME STORY feature gives coaches IN-GAME insight on their team performance in comparison to their season stats. This allows coaches to make adjustments in real time to help their team win. Is your team on pace to be below their season offensive rebounding average? Well….crash the boards!! Are the team assist totals where they should be? Perhaps taking a time-out to stress ball movement is critical to win. Coaching is about making the right adjustments, our Game Story will paint a clear picture for coaches to aid them in that decision making process.


- Box Score Statistics

- Shot Charts w/ zone breakdowns

- Advanced Analytics – TS%, EFG%, DRB%, ORB%, USAGE RATE, EFFICIENCY

- Game Story- All data is stored in the cloud for instant access

- Calendar - schedule games, practices, meetings, and more.

How to get started:

1. Download the BenchBoss app and create your account.

2. Complete your roster by inviting players via email.

3. Give each player a jersey number.

4. Stat a game!

BenchBoss – Your Info to Win



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