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Jason Bernard


With a great love for adventure, coupled with high entrepreneurial spirit and drive, Jason started his first IT company in Calgary, Alberta (Twin Solutions Inc) at the age of 22. Doing so with only 2 years overall IT experience, zero business knowledge, and in a city 4500kms from home, was akin to diving in head first without a parachute.

With strong dedication and focus, one step at a time, new partnerships, relationships, and friendships were formed. Twin Solutions grew and flourished, allowing for a successful company exit, a few years of world travels, and ultimately; a return back home to Moncton, New Brunswick. 

With a strong passion for problem solving, and seeking to provide security and convenience where it is currently lacking, Jason has recently founded Spreespot. - Creating a new and innovative way to buy and sell used goods through a convenient and secure online marketplace. 

Spreespot Inc. Founder
Twin Solutions Inc. - Founder and CEO

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