Universal Cognitive Solutions


Mark is a retired member of the Canadian Forces with twenty years’ distinguished service.  His military career saw him working in such fields and radio and satellite communications, IT and network security, aircraft electronics installation, testing and repair, as well as asset and personnel management both in Canada and during his tour of duty in the middle east. Mark’s civilian experience is as equally varied having worked in IT, financial planning, and sales environments.

Since retiring Mark has concentrated his efforts on higher education. He has earned his Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science in 2015, along with a Master of Technology Management, both completed at Memorial University.

Mark gives back to the community through his efforts with a number of non-profit and charitable organizations such as VETS Canada, Rotary International, and The Bowring Park Foundation.

As of September 2016, Mark has stood up as President and CEO of Universal Cognitive Solutions.  His move into this sector was inspired by what he witnessed while his son was going through therapy for Autism and wanted to make the entire process easier and more efficient for all parties involved.


Sept 2016

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