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Yves Boudreau


Yves Boudreau is the CEO and Co-founder of Alongside, a Moncton-based HR software as a service company which is revolutionizing the way companies hire. Yves has a long history with entrepreneurship, when he was 19, he started his first business, a digital creative agency, which he ran successfully for five years.  During that time the company won many awards and produced work for clients ranging from Grammy Award-winning artists to large financial corporations. Continuing with his passion for entrepreneurship, Yves co-founded Alongside in 2014, which has gone on to be the first-ever Atlantic Canadian company accepted into 500 Startups in San Francisco, raised over $1.5M in investments, and built a team of amazing individuals who are focused on Alongside’s mission to humanize the online hiring experience by improving the way job seekers and employers discover each other.


CEO and co-founder, Alongside

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