Propel selects 21 companies to participate in first Incite cohort

After an extensive recruitment process which brought in over 140 applications, Propel is pleased to announce they’ve selected 21 companies to participate in the first cohort for their virtual accelerator Incite.


The selection team vetted the applications using a three-step process including internal evaluation and scoring, the submission of a lean canvas and traction road map and one-on-one interviews.


 “We were really pleased with the level of interest Incite garnered,” said Barry Bisson, CEO of Propel.  “The Propel team put a lot of work into redesigning our accelerator and we believe what we’ve developed is unprecedented.  We look forward to seeing the results from the companies who complete the program.”


The virtual accelerator is largely based around an in-house developed Learning Management System that allows participants to move through the content at their own pace.  This concept was designed based on feedback from alumni.  Propel then worked with an instructional designer to make sure the learning objectives and outcomes were aligned with best practices in the education space.  They also engaged subject matter experts from across Canada to contribute content and videos to the program.


The Incite program is up to 12 months.  Companies are evaluated on a quarterly basis and are selected to continue with the program based on performance. 


Incite 2018 Fall Cohort: 





Agyle Intelligence

David McNally

Mount Stewart, PE

Automating data collection and reporting throughout teams, operations and supply chains to improve decision making, simplify reporting and optimize profitability


Alex Shalkin

Charlottetown, PEI

An AI-empowered platform for SME to simplify automation of conversations with customers

Atlantic Institute for Resilience - an Air® Institute

Jackie Kinley

Halifax, NS

A mental fitness training platform that enables workplaces to assess and build resilience


Rachel Carr

Halifax, NS

Aurea’s first product, Shine, is a portable, lightweight wind turbine that charges USB devices while doing outdoor activities. Its second product, Flare, is urban wind energy system for high rise buildings that creates electricity from naturally-occurring wind tunnels.


Brett Vokey

St. John's, NFLD

BreatheSuite’s mission is to enable patients with asthma & COPD to take their inhalers correctly, without the need of separate training devices. Inc.

Paul Doerwald

Halifax, NS

Clockk automates time sheets, making the worst part of agency life less annoying.

Commlet Technologies

Patsy Leadbeater

Sydney, NS

Commlet combines an innovative, user friendly App with GPS bracelets to support school trip supervision.

Deveno Corporation

Nelson Peters

Moncton, New Brunswick

Legal technology company using AI to improve access to justice


Mykola Kushnir

Sydney, NS

A mobile app to scan the human body to provide the perfect size recommendation while online shopping


Purushothaman Cannane

Halifax, NS

A mobile app to reduce food waste in Canada


Shameer Iqbal

Wolfville, NS

A platform that helps people with sleep apnea find better lifestyle habits to improve their sleep

Quotefinds Inc

James Weatherbie

Saint John, NB

A platform to search for the best deal in home related services - such as movers, cleaners, contractors, and more

Room Service

Johnathan Cannon

Halifax, Nova Scotia delivers food to your front door within 45 minutes.


Matthew Zimola

Halifax, NS

Analyzes real-time video feeds from fish pens to help the aquaculture industry

Sensory Friendly Solutions

Christel Seeberger

Saint John, New Brunswick

An app leading the movement towards a more #sensoryfriendly world


Bo Simango

St. John’s, NFLD

An intelligent hospital platform which leverages real-time analytics and sensor technology to help hospitals operate smarter, safer and faster

SmartCatch Systems

Pierre Bassaler-Merpillat

Charlottetown, PEI

Tools and data analysis for production forecast, traceability and origin certification for lobster harvesting and shellfish farming


Lee Babin/ Jacob Christie

Halifax, NS

A platform that produces more compelling, confident speakers by providing users a private speaking dojo and actionable feedback

Team Stripes Inc

Brandon Bourgeois

Moncton, New Brunswick

An e-learning platform for hockey officials


Shea Munro

Cape Breton, NS

An AI based personal training platform through which users will receive proper form coaching from a mobile app

VMOpro Inc.

Matthew Gillis

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

A knee rehabilitation tool designed to improve home exercise programs for patients with knee conditions


Propel will be doing another intake for the Incite accelerator in March 2019.  Applications will open mid-November.    


Propel announced the creation of the Incite accelerator in June 2018.


About Propel

Propel aims to be a catalyst to establish Atlantic Canada as a nerve centre for technology.  They help entrepreneurs build high-value tech companies through their redesigned virtual accelerator Incite.

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