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Fadi AlQassar


I spend my days talking to techies and business professionals (mainly) from, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Docusign, Telus, IBM, Stanford University and many other companies to onboard them on skilled based volunteer abroad programs.

I believe that solving the world's most complex social, economic and environmental problems requires the brightest minds and our fullest commitments.

Through our work at Venture 2 Impact, valuable partnerships with tech enterprise companies, and marginalized communities we have: helped orphans in Romania get workforce development skills allowing them to attain better paying jobs, helped young single mother in Rwanda learn English and business skills reducing child abandonment rates, and improved health care for disabled children in India.

Join us on a skill based volunteer abroad program or become a partner. Learn more: 



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We are an organization on a mission to involved techies in meaningful skill based volunteer opportunities abroad.


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