FoodByte Inc.


FoodByte is a SaaS company that provides tools to help food processors generate and manage food safety plans. We help companies improve their business performance and help them overcome food safety compliance barriers.

New regulations under the Safe Food for Canadian Act are changing the paradigm of the food processing industry forcing food processors to have a food safety plan in place by 2020, if they import/export out of province or sell to retailers that plan to export out of province. We offer a tool for food processors and food safety consultants to build food safety plans faster. From months to as little as a day.



Membres de l'équipe:
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Matthew Winchester

Acadia Alumni, Computer Scientist with a passion for data. 


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Douglas Armour

I am Doug Armour the co-founder of FoodByte Inc.

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Jessy Gervias

Jessy Gervias is the CMO of FoodByte.

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