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Access a proven accelerator methodology customized to YOUR technology startup – one that has been validated with thousands of other startups around the world.

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We Help Companies Grow.

Whether you are just starting out or already selling to customers, Propel is focused on helping you do more with less.

Our startup coaches will curate a program to help you get laser-focused on the right customers and a business case you can crush to create sustainable and repeatable sales growth!

100% Online

We’ve been a 100% online accelerator for a while now and gotten pretty good at it. This allows you to access our program without ever having to relocate or flip your life upside down!

For Atlantic Canadians

Propel was founded to help Atlantic Canadian founders (and those who are looking to relocate here) start great companies in this region and develop the necessary sales skills to succeed.

Tech Focused

Propel is actively seeking ambitious tech companies looking for access to world-class startup methodology, dedicated coaching, and looking to expand their business network to include mentors and advisors.

People Who Care About Your Success

Our full-time, hands-on Startup Coaches Charlotte, Richard, Julien, and Derek provide structure and accountability to your start-up, utilizing our exclusive partnerships with a proven methodology to help you accelerate your startup toward Product-Market Fit and sales growth. They have walked in your shoes and want you to learn from their journey!

Beyond our exceptional Startup Coaches, Propel’s ecosystem brings together the brightest minds to its bi-weekly Fireside Chats and company Councils. Your startup will have the opportunity to interact with successful founders like Marcel Lebrun (radian6), Caterina Rizzi (Breather), Eva Lau (Wattpad) and Mark Roberge (Hubspot) to name but a few! 

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Do it from anywhere.

At any time.

We are on a mission to help startup founders right here in Atlantic Canada and we have developed a world-class startup accelerator that allows you to stay close to home.

Our customized approach teaches an applied experiment-based approach to validated assumption testing using LEAN SPRINTS. Founders complete control the focus areas for these sprints.

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Propel is committed to connecting founders, mentors and investors within the Atlantic Canadian Ecosystem. Explore our ecosystem to discover exceptional talent, many of whom reside right here, in Atlantic Canada!

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We Work with Amazing partners...

Propel has formed exclusive partnerships with world-leaders in startup methodology. Driven by the search for better and faster ways for building successful products, Ash Maurya’s LEANSTACK platform has developed a systematic methodology for raising the odds of success built upon Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Bootstrapping techniques.

Recognized as one of the Top 6 Growth programs globally, GrowthX’s MXP program offers the tools and tactics to build a sustainable growth strategy at an early to mid-stage technology company. 

Propel’s Startup Coaches work directly with both LEANSTACK and GROWTHX and have received intensive training on both of these methodologies from Ash Maurya and Sean Sheppard.

In addition to our programming partners, Propel is fortunate to have forged strong relationships within the Atlantic Canada ecosystem with our funders, community partners and investment partners.

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Participant Feedback

Partner Feedback

"The people who invested time & energy in us became lifelong mentors!"

"I really value how Propel gave you mentors that followed along your path and the people who invested time and energy in us became lifelong mentors.

I think its great to have propel in Atlantic Canada because you can't necessarily go to an accelerator program in the bay area and it's not necessarily appropriate if you plan to grow your business and to have an Atlantic Canadian experience outside the region.

You learn to be with your peers and understand the perspective from here and not try to copy what somebody else is doing in other places."

Laura Simpson

Founder of Side Door

Participant Feedback

Partner Feedback

"If you truly want people to work alongside you, not just support you, Propel is the choice."

"I can tell you from behind the scenes, when I’m working with the team, it’s definitely one of the most experienced and professional and well- organized teams that I’ve been around in an accelerator community and I like their long-term strategy is to help the Maritime's capacity to serve people virtually...."

Sean Sheppard

Co-Founder of GrowthX

Participant Feedback

Partner Feedback

"The virtual program makes it easy to participate from anywhere!"

"The Propel team has been an important part of Milk Moovement’s success to date.

The virtual program makes it easy to participate from anywhere and the regular check-ins with EIRs have been essential in helping us stay on track to meet our goals. Propel’s EIRs have been, and will continue to be, incredible mentors for the Milk Moovement founder team.

We would recommend the program to any founder that is looking to put the proper supports in place for rapid growth"

Robert Forsythe

Founder of Milk Moovement

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