Newfoundland-based nutrition app Prospre wins Propel’s Startup Summer Showdown

August 23, 2021

Propel, the leading online accelerator, invited promising Atlantic Canadian startups to record their elevator pitch to be considered for their Startup Summer Showdown. Over 45 companies answered the call and from those 8 were selected for semi finals. During the month of August, the 8 selected applicants faced-off on social media, where the public voted every week setting up the final showdown between Halifax based Sustainably Stocked ( ) and Prospre ( ). In the end, once the votes were tallied, the Newfoundland-based nutrition app Propsre was awarded the grand prize and officially declared the next Atlantic Canadian success. 

“We wanted to find a way to encourage the bright minds of Atlantic Canada to look at the pandemic as an opportunity to take a leap and launch their new venture.  The contest provides a new startup venture with all of the services and some cash to start working on their idea and hopefully create the beginning of the next global company based in Atlantic Canada.  What’s even more special is that the public was tasked with helping to determine which company they felt was best positioned to succeed through their votes.” - Barry Bisson, CEO, on the motivation behind the Startup Summer Showdown. 

‘’The Summer Showdown was a great prize in tough times. As the winners, we are going to get access to some amazing services that we could never afford at such an early stage. We are looking forward to taking advantage of those in full, and you can be sure the cash will also go to good use! Just being a part of the competition forced us to raise awareness about Prospre like we never have before. Paired with a brand new release, we have more users come in then before, and they are sticking around longer too. We’re excited to move on with Propel’s programming and keep making steady progress! ’’ - Colin Hunt and Jonathan Young, Co-founders. 

Prospre is a nutrition app focused on meal planning. The startup was founded in 2019 with the goal of making nutrition-focused meal planning easy. The idea for Prospre originated from Colin and Jonathan’s common frustration at the difficulty of planning meals for a macronutrient-based diet. Since then, they dedicated themselves to solving the problem of meal planning in nutrition. 

Winning Propel’s Startup Summer Showdown means that co-founders Colin and Jonathan will be busy using their winnings over the coming months. Designed to help entrepreneurs launch their startup and take their business to the next level, the prize package includes:

  • Programming and coaching services offered by Propel
  • Advertising, graphic design, marketing services from Brainworks
  • In-kind professional services from billing lawyers, clerks and students at LaBarge Weinstein LLP
  • In-kind professional accounting services from EY 
  • $5,000 Cash award from Innovacorp
  • $5,000 Cash award from NBIF

‘’We are excited to begin working with Colin and Jonathan, they share the essential qualities of successful entrepreneurs and we can’t wait to see how Prospre continues to grow with the help and support of our experienced coaches.” Angela Hodgson, Director of Operations & Programming, Propel.

About Prospre

Nutrition is the most important aspect of your health that you can control. However, taking charge of your nutrition can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make this easy by empowering people to make smarter food choices. With the Prospre mobile app, hitting your nutrition goals is a breeze. Balancing targets for multiple nutrients at once can be hard. Doing that while still eating a tasty and well-rounded diet is even harder. However, Prospre takes care of all of this for you. Just input your nutrition or fitness goals, and your food preferences and Prospre will find the foods that meet all of your needs. Learn more and download the app here.

About Propel

Propel offers technology startups a chance to build the next big company based in Atlantic Canada. The organization is constantly striving to improve the startup experience for founders in the Atlantic provinces. Their virtual accelerator model allows companies to access best-in-class content and methodology, dedicated one-on-one coaching and mentoring from experts and successful business leaders around the world anytime, anywhere.