Atlantic Canada Startup Ecosystem Website Officially Launches!

September 21, 2021

Propel is excited to announce the official launch of the new Atlantic Canada Startup Ecosystem Website - beginning today.  The new website which is designed to be a central information hub for the Atlantic Canada Startup Ecosystem was designed by Propel as a way for all partners in the ecosystem to share information collaboratively that will benefit startups in the region. The website features a job board where any founders or organizations looking to grow their teams within Atlantic Canada can post to free of charge.  In addition to the job board and events calendar has also been created offering companies the opportunity to share an event free of charge.  It is our hope that will be a website that founders and companies return to time and time again to keep up to date on happenings within the Atlantic Canada Startup Ecosystem. 

The website's most powerful feature though comes from the ecosystem database itself.  Companies, founders, investors, government partners, community partners, accelerators, really anyone with a connection to the Atlantic Canada Startup Ecosystem are encouraged to add their profiles to the database.  This database let’s you navigate founders, companies, partners, coaches, investors, and more with detailed filters. This networking tool has the power to help create meaningful connections between members regardless of geography.  

The programming area of the website , while still under development, will provide founders with information on programming support available within Atlantic Canada.  This information is being compiled using the data provided by the recent ecosystem data research project that was undertaken by Propel earlier this year.  We look forward to seeing this important piece of the website completed to help current and future founders navigate through their programming options.   

Finally the website contains an area to share good news stories from the ecosystem, once again companies, founders, and organizations will have the opportunity to contribute their story for potential inclusion in this uplifting area.  

Propel is constantly striving to improve the startup experience for founders in Atlantic Canada and the launch of  is one step in making it easier for founders to find the information they need.