First Three Companies Graduate Propel’s New Programming Model

September 21, 2021

In 2020, Propel made pivotal changes to our programming to clearly focus on the skills founders need to establish problem/solution fit and then on to securing early, repeatable revenue. It is a rigorous program, which can extend up to a year, and pairs dedicated coaching with proven methodologies empowering founders to drive real traction. “We are happy to announce our first three companies to complete the final stage of the new programming - Foodbyte, ReelData, and Renderator.”

These most recent graduates are dedicated founders who are committed to continual learning, structured validation, and putting customers first. Working weekly with their dedicated coach, applying proven methodologies and frameworks (primarily LeanStack and GrowthX), has led to incredible progress throughout the program. “It has been exciting for our team to work with the founders hands-on, and witness their progress and traction once they really identified their Ideal Customer Profile and focus on driving meaningful revenue with them”, said Chief Coaching Officer, Charlotte Murray. We have watched them double their contract size, shorten their sales cycle by 78% (on average), as well as double down on their Northstar metric - leading indicators of product/market fit and other data points that are relevant for investors. The founders are leaving the program with a sales playbook that has early validation from the market. This is the first step towards starting a baby unicorn farm.

Propel CEO and founder of the baby unicorn movement, Kathryn Lockhart, inspired by the new graduates for not only their success within the Propel program but also the leadership they are showing in the local and global ecosystem, offers them this message, “By simply doing what you are doing, you are serving as a motivational force for founders who are watching and learning from your journeys. You are making a global impact and we are excited to see where you choose to take your companies. The future is in good hands when leaders like you are in the driver’s seat. Thank you for all your hard work and keep it up!”

Propel is focused on supporting talented founders with the drive and determination to reach their goals. Whether that goal is being the CEO of your own company, making a difference in your community, or building the next baby unicorn, the Propel team is excited to help turn founders into leaders. Connect with Propel at