Propel announces biggest Incite cohort yet with 32 companies

August 23, 2021

October 30, 2019

Propel is thrilled to announce their biggest Incite cohort yet as 32 companies have been hand-selected for Phase 2.

Incite is Propel’s virtual accelerator for early-stage tech companies.  Through the program, companies are matched with a dedicated coach who cares about the progress of their business and they also gain access to mentors and experts from around the world.

The selection team spent weeks meeting with the top startups in the region and narrowed down the selection based on submitted work outlining the current stage of their company and an interview.

The chosen companies span Atlantic Canada.  Seven of the companies are from New Brunswick, nine from Newfoundland, 11 from Nova Scotia and four from PEI.  There is also one company from Quebec.

“We are extremely pleased with the companies we’ve chosen for this cohort,” said Barry Bisson, CEO of Propel.  “The momentum of Incite is building and we are thrilled that a number of the companies were referred to us by our alumni.  We are confident this cohort boasts many of the most promising startups in our region and we cannot wait to work with them.”

Phase 2 of Incite, which runs seven months, focuses on accelerating sales by building a scalable and repeatable sales process using the GrowthX methodology for market development.  GrowthX is a Silicon Valley based partnership that works with startups, companies and countries to help them commercialize innovation. It was founded by Max Menke, Will Bunker, Sean Sheppard and Andrew Goldner - all four are pioneers in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem and influential around the world.

Propel has regional exclusivity agreements to use GrowthX’s programming.

The program is centered around an online learning platform so companies can access the content as they need it.

Companies enrolled in Phase 2 also have a variety of funding opportunities including a $50K SAFE investment from NBIF and Innovacorp, $25K cash prize with an additional $30k investment for the winner of the Gerry Pond Sales Award, and an investment readiness workshop.  Propel will also host an investor only demo day for Phase 2 companies in spring 2020.

Selected companies for Phase 2 are as follows:


Érik Lebrun


Through design and fabrication of architecture and furnishings, AGILE seeks to create the perfectly built settings for human activities, both sustainable and ethical.


Apolline Roger-Picard

Axel Lecomte

Fady Credi

Raphael Kambire

Robin Groux


Connects travelers with local people worldwide who share their lifestyle around housing, food and entertainment.

Bench Boss

Dave D'Entremont

Ian Coultas


Benchboss is an amateur basketball platform that provides coaches with the ability to track live-game stats and effortlessly share the information with players immediately after a game to their mobile phone.


Abdel Moslih


Designing the future of residential care.


Peter Barbour


Cyno is a telephysio platform that focuses on providing secure and encrypted virtual communication between clients and providers.

eChart Healthcare

Amanda Betts

Rivers Corbett


eChart Healthcare is creating connected care by joining family members and care facilities together in one platform that is raising the standards of care through innovation and bringing peace of mind to families.

Flip the Page

Alex English


Flip the Page removes the barriers to tutoring that are faced by many students and their families while providing a marketplace for tutors to grow, share and teach.


Matthew Winchester

Douglas M. Armour Jessy Gervais


FoodByte is a SaaS company that provides tools to help food processors generate and manage food safety plans.  They help companies improve their business performance and help them overcome food safety compliance barriers.

Gibli Tech

Ben Bschaden

Mark Ernsting


Gibli Tech is developing a world-class aerodynamic sensor to help athletes reach new levels of performance.


Chuck Lienaux


Helps companies harness the power of AI and data analytics to increase their revenue and drive efficiencies via their IoT platform.


Sid Eskand


A customer acquisition, retention, and expansion platform to revamp B2C engagement with millennials.


Liam Cadigan

Daryll Day

Matthew Noseworthy Nicholas Warren


Inspectar builds augmented reality solutions for electronics designers and technicians.

Invisible Agents

Stuart Boyd


Invisible Agents delivers analytics and communication optimization to churches, nonprofits and small businesses to strengthen their relationship and grow revenue.


Cole Turner

Eric Gelineau


Delivering better protein to the world every day.


Peter Douglas


JobSite 360 is an easy-to-use cloud bookkeeping solution for small- to medium-sized businesses with contractors and tradespeople.

Milk Moovement

Robert Forsythe


Our mission is to develop innovative software solutions for the dairy industry.


Dr. Franziska Broell


A tool for hospitals and labs to validate, optimize and continuously monitor the transport of blood samples.

Oliver POS

Mathias K. Nielsen


A flexible POS system made for web developers wanting to create unique checkout experiences.

Peri CRM

Harsh (Gary) Kohli


Peri CRM is a scalable, intelligently designed and easy to adopt app to augment a company’s business processes.


Daniel Joseph Di Maria


Stop wasting time on routine legal transactions.  Deliver your services faster, reduce errors, and increase your effective rate with the most advanced automation technology on the market.

Reset Breathe Fitness

Tracey Gairns Brioux


An online wellness community that promotes the compounding benefits of physical exercise on health, well-being and productivity.


Jess Peters

Jenelle Sobey


RIDDL provides proprietary data to impact investors to guide better investment decisions.


Kelly Galloway


SepticSitter is an IoT monitoring and early-warning system for onsite sewage systems.  They identify septic problems early.


Randy Campbell

Devon Ross


ShopLaw is three easy tools to find the right lawyer, and free answers to your legal questions.


Alexander Gillis

Aaron Friedland


Simbi is the only platform that motivates students to read aloud for good.


JP Drapeau

Sionne Roberts


SnapAP is a SaaS platform providing proactive control of the entire accounts payable workflow.


Jason Bernard

Kevin Hebert


SpreeSpot is developing an online used goods marketplace focusing on honest, secure and convenient transactions.


Andrew Sinclair


totaliQ is a continuous improvement platform that helps organizations improve operational excellence and reduce risk by leveraging their employees’ experiences.

Tranquility Online

Joel Muise


Tranquility is an online platform helping treat adults with anxiety and depression using the gold standard: cognitive behavourial therapy.

Universal Cognitive Solutions (UCS)

Mark Gauci


UBC is a company that specializes in mental health software.

Randy Ansems

Kevin Ansems

Marisa Ansems


Unions give workers a voice, we give unions a voice.

Venture 2 Impact

Fadi AlQassar


Skill-based volunteer abroad program that connects bright minds with complex challenges plaguing people around the world.

Phase 1 of Incite focuses on problem/solution fit.  The next Phase 1 cohort launches in April.