Propel is seeking ambitious Startup Founders

August 23, 2021

January 22, 2020

Propel is actively seeking ambitious tech companies looking for access to world-class startup methodology, dedicated coaching and looking to expand their business network to include mentors and advisors.

Propel exists for founders and our mission is to help create global companies headquartered in Atlantic Canada. Propel is all about startup skill development that is proven to deliver better business outcomes. Our program is customized for each startup based on the life-stage of your company. Whether you are early in your journey focused on validating your startup idea, or looking to grow sales and raising capital, Propel can help.

Propel’s virtual accelerator Incite offers access to world-class programming, dedicated and experienced coaches and world-class mentorship through our network which extends around the globe. All of our coaches are former founders who have experienced similar challenges and will provide accountability and support in your startup journey.

“You cannot create a successful business without being pushed outside your comfort zone. Propel’s EIR’s encouraged us to analyze how we were attracting customers and adjust to reach our goals more effectively,” said Laura Simpson, CEO, and co-founder of Side Door. “ As an entrepreneur in the Propel accelerator, I valued having Propel’s mentors follow along our path. They invested the time and energy in us and will remain lifelong mentors.”

Propel’s proprietary online learning management system includes exclusive access to world-class content from Ash Maurya, creator of LEANSTACK and Silicon Valley-based GrowthX’s Market Acceleration Program. Propel’s EIR team has been trained to deliver this content, making it a powerful learning tool for company founders.

“They helped us so much to inform how we are going to grow, what are we going to do next, how does our sales process become repeatable? It would have been so haphazard without the advice we received through our time with Propel,” says Jonathan Cannon, CEO, and co-founder of Room Service.

The path to being accepted into Propel’s Accelerator begins with your application through