Propel World Ocean Week June 4-14

September 21, 2021

World Ocean Day takes place around the globe on June 8th every year, where people can do their active part in celebrating our Oceans and protecting them. The concept of World Ocean Day was originally proposed by the Canadian delegation at the World Earth Summit in 1992, and was then recognized by the United Nations in 2008. All around the world people take to the shorelines and Oceans to clean up trash and debris. 

We are celebrating our Oceans in Atlantic Canada, and the innovation and entrepreneurs who are part growing the fast growing Ocean technology sector, with an invitation for you to join us for Ocean Week - taking the time to get outside away from zoom, and (safely) collecting trash and debris at a local shoreline or beach near you with your family or team. 

Here’s a shout out to some of the innovative Ocean tech companies in our ecosystem: Reel Data, Qualiteas, Mable Systems, Agyle, Remote Energy Systems and Ocean Data Endeavours. 

We would love to hear from your Ocean Week experience! Please share your ocean story or take your shoreline cleanup selfie and share it on your social media - Don’t forget to tag Propel.

                                                           Cover Picture: Confederation Bridge Shoreline by Charlotte Murray, Propel CCO