Propel Announces Successful Applicants For Next Cohort

November 29, 2021

Propel Announces Successful Applicants For Next Cohort

--16 Companies To Participate In Propel’s e-Accelerator Program Vision & Validation--

ATLANTIC CANADA – Propel,  Atlantic Canada’s startup e-accelerator today announced thesuccessful entrepreneurs who have been chosen to participate in its current Vision & Validation program, which began on July 12, 2021.

For over 15 years, Propel has been driving the growth of Atlantic Canada’s growing startup industry, delivering dedicated coaching, training and networking opportunities through its programs. While the startup landscape in Atlantic Canada has changed throughout the years, Propel has continued to evolve with a clear focus on meeting the founders where they are in their journey. Propel coaches focus on turning founders into leaders who are armed with the skills, knowledge, and insights to successfully lead and scale technology startups.

Vision & Validation is the first step of the Propel journey, where founders focus on validating their business idea with customers using the lean startup methodology to find problem-solution fit. It is a key component of building a successful startup and the ideal place for companies to start.

“One of my favourite moments is meeting our new founders.” says Propel CEO, Kathryn Lockhart. “This is our first real glimpse into the future. We see keen visionary founders at an important stage in their entrepreneurial journey, and we get to step into this journey with them. It’s an honour to guide, challenge, and empower these future leaders and this kick-off is where it all begins!”

Propel’s virtual accelerator model allows for companies to participate from anywhere and this cohort includes companies from across the region -  4 from NS, 6 from NB, 5 from NL, and 1 from outside of Atlantic Canada include:

Inverte - St. John’s, NL - Invert helps restaurants reduce food waste and increase profit margins by eliminating inaccurate portions from prep-tables. It will charge customers a monthly SAAS subscription for our hardware and software solutions.

The Working Mom Initiative - Middle Sackville, NS - The Working Mom Initiative connects hiring companies to its network of candidates - moms, caregivers and others who need flexible work via our talent marketplace. It charges a flat fee per successful placement.

Reno Tree (formerly Quickbuild Contracting) - Sydney Mines, NS - RenoTree helps customers complete their home renovation projects by providing them access to competitive financing options as well as our database of certified local contractors in their area. It charges customers an admin fee for this service and makes a small commission on all loans processed. It will also have the option of charging contractors a fee per every closed lead as we become more established.

Airport X - Halifax, NS - AirportX helps travelers utilize their time in airports more efficiently by offering a mobile application solution that notifies travelers of how long it will take, in real time, to pass through Security and Customs Lines; while also providing airport navigation to help users find their favourite restaurant and store locations.

Cloud & More - Moncton, NB - Allow businesses to truly control and own their data in Canada, cut down the amount of suppliers and deals to maintain to only one!

Tyche Innovations ltd (formerly CORIMA Software) - Bathurst, NB - Risk management software for municipalities and construction companies.

Ocean Set (formerly Ocean of Data Endeavors) - St. John’s, NL - Ocean Set  supports companies in the ocean sector to manage and broker their data through engineering and brokerage services. Oceantech companies often have multiple data points underutilized, we help them empower their data through discovery, engineering, brokerage and governance.

Nuvo Ed - Sault Ste. Marie, QE - NUVO Ed serves as an all encompassing digital learning platform. As young students navigate the shift to virtual learning; NUVO allows caregivers to seek the support of Certified Ontario Teachers. Part-Marketplace, Part-Conferencing Tool; NUVO invites families to learn from a safe, trusted member of society in a user-friendly and autonomous environment.

Skytop Computers - St. John’s, NL - In our ever-changing pandemic situation, Skytop provides innovative and flexible technology to help you work and learn. Our cloud-based platform doesn’t depend on your hardware or location—easily work from anywhere using our user-friendly "cloud computers".  We are a Canadian based startup with an initiative to provide sustainable, affordable computers that are completely operated and streamed to you, over the Cloud, with a user-friendly and affordable subscription model!

Oz Integrated Health Mgmt - Moncton, NB - Oz Health wants to enhance health literacy by increasing access to quality, evidence-based education to help with the management of chronic conditions for anyone, anywhere. The e-learning platform and other decision-making tools will provide users individualized content reinforced by nudges/tasks/goal settings and incentives.

Servease (formerly CakeyHand) - St. John’s,  NL - Marketplace allowing local  bakers and cake-seekers to connect. Instead of cake-seekers spending time and looking for a baker we let them submit a quick form and wait for offers. Bakers (mostly self-employed home bakers with up to two employees/helpers who are in need of more customers) are given the chance to find new clients and grow their businesses without having to spend any money on marketing or worry about marketing (even if it's free) whatsoever.

Lunch - Halifax, NS - Lunch is a unified platform for advertising Convenient Food Options from Restaurants & Grocery and help consumers navigate food options faster than ever.

Glade Software - Saint John, NB - Glade enables web publishers to capture more of the value they create, by providing a new way for their audience to engage with their content, by commenting right on top of it. These annotations on published content lead to more time spent on the publishers page, and actionable data about how their content is received.

City Crops -Saint John, NB - City Crops is a vertical farming startup based in Saint John, New Brunswick. It aims to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and communities to grow food locally with sustainable, cost effective, modular and scalable leafy greens hydroponic container farm solutions.

Deliverr - Saint John, NB - Uber eats for parcels.

ExTech MIP - St. John’s, NL - ExTech MIP is a company that provides sample preparation devices which can provide a simple, cost-effective and reliable analysis for environmental analytical labs in TIC companies.

Propel looks for founders who want to turn learning into action, make progress through real traction with a coach who will help guide them, and in many cases, who are driven to build a baby unicorn. The path to becoming part of the Propel family begins with your application through

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